Essentiële oliemengsels Cadeauset

€ 30,00

Essential oil set:  3pcs/set, 10mlx3pcs

Main ingredients: Pure essential oils + carrier oil 

Function: Aromatherapy, Enhance Immunity, Soothe Emotions, etc.

Cautions: For external use only, not edible.


·Gently apply essential oil blends onto the chest and temples. 

·You can also swipe it over the chest and neck to soothe the senses. 

Set 1

Vitality Trio: Energetic , Focus on, Breathe Easy
The combination of these three essential oils is perfect, and can increase creativity by stimulating certain messages to the brain and enhancing relaxation and positivity. They help to refresh our minds, stimulate our enthusiasm for work,enhance our mental strength, relax our breathing, and maximize our creativity.

Set 2

TranquilGuard Trio: Mosquito Repellent, Anxiety Ease, Soothe

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to exercise to enhance immunity. The set helps energize and keep people strong and healthy. Mosquito Repellent essential oil blend helps repel insects. Anxiety Ease essential oil blend is formulated to help calm tension. Soothe essential oil blend relieves muscle and joint pain. 

Set 3

Serene Slumber Trio: Calm, Stress Relief, Sweet Dreams

Most people are faced with pressure from all sides in life and work, and these nerves are constantly tensed. This set oil blend has a calming and peaceful effect, which neutralizes people's worries and restlessness.

Set 4

Harmony Blend Trio: Balance, Sleep Easy, Happiness

Nowadays, fierce competition, fast-paced life, and a strong desire to pursue material life have added invisible pressure to people. The blends set is good for settling down and thinking deeply. Its fragrance will bring you happiness and peace throughout the day.