€ 6,99

10ml - Pure Plant Extract

  • Extraction Site: Whole plant (Distillation)
  • Material Origin: America, India, Egypt

Function: DIY Skin Care, Aromatherapy, Candle Making, handmade Soap making, humidification, Massage...etc

Shelf life: 3 years

Storage: in a cool and dry place 

Cautions: For external use only, not edible.

Compared to Peppermint Oil, Spearmint’s scent is softer and its effects are milder. Hence, it earned the nickname "The Gentler Mint Oil". Spearmint is the ideal Mint-related option for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin.

The sweet, invigorating scent of Spearmint has a balancing and uplifting effect, which makes it beneficial for enhancing focus, positivity, and optimism and for deodorizing unpleasant scents.